D&D – The Adventure of the A-Team begins (Prologue)

This story begins, as many tales do, with a meeting of unlikely characters:

Dracana Firley – a human druid with a mysterious past and deep ties to nature. While you may notice her black hair initially, it is undoubtedly the long leather glove on her right arm and the ring of thorns on her left that will draw your attention. She is not adverse to trading, predominately leather hides, but at the end of the day she will retreat to a nice tree to close out the day in quiet tranquility.

Norian Tarmikos – a human sorcerer with a greed for gold and skilled in the art of deception. His nondescript appearance allows him to more easily take on various personas as he attempts to trick the wealthy and powerful out of their coins.  This con artist happened upon his magic powers during an accident that left his hideout in shambles. Now he seeks to leverage his growing magical expertise to make an even larger profit.

Chenni Oddbottle – a halfling monk who has difficulty keeping her curiosity in check. Like most halflings, her rosy complexion belies her cheerful demeanor. Her goal in life is to be reunited with her family, but she keeps getting distracted with side adventures. Her strong monk schooling has instilled a great sense of justice to help the meek, the oppressed, or the discontent. That is, if she can stay focused long enough.

The fates of these three were tied together by the city state of Serck, a location that is reputable enough to be sure, but not without its seedier parts. Norian spent much of his young adult life navigating such shady spaces, developing an false identity: the merchant Graham. It was with this guide that Dracana began to trade with the budding sorcerer on occasion when she happened to be passing through. However, some time before that, Norian had saved Chenni from a situation involving an irate vendor and some accidentally broken merchandise. The three run into each other every so often, and that was very much the case one evening in one of their favorite taverns…

Join us for a tale of shenanigans as these three begin their adventures!

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