D&D – The Adventure of the A-Team begins (Prologue)

This story begins, as many tales do, with a meeting of unlikely characters: Dracana Firley – a human druid with a mysterious past and deep ties to nature. While you may notice her black hair initially, it is undoubtedly the long leather glove on her right arm and the ring of thorns on her left that…

Warmachine / Hordes Journeyman League at Excelsior

In honor of the release of Mark III, I will be hosting a Warmachine / Hordes Journeyman League at Excelsior Comics and Games in Maynard on Tuesday nights. Whether you are new to the game, interested in the new Mark III rules, or want to engage in casual play, come out for Tuesday night Warma-Hordes!…

Battle Report – Battle of the Old Men

Facing off in a battle box game of Cygnar vs. Menoth, old man Nemo challenges arguably older man Severius. Which of these pensioners won this battle of the elderly? Tune it to find out!

Beer Monkey Gaming

Hi everyone! This site will capture my game reports, craft tutorials, and galleries of the models I’ve completed. Stay tuned as I finished setting everything up. Check out the About Me page for more ways to connect with my content. I look forward to showing you what I’ve got! -Andrey